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Deanna Lund

It is such a great feeling for me to know that fans are still so interested in the works of Irwin Allen. I know he would be pleased that he continues to be appreciated after all this time. I know I do, probably more today than ever. I love the opportunity it gives me to meet fans in person at various cities around the world. I really enjoyed meeting with so many new and old friends in England last year. Had it not been for Land of the Giants I doubt this would have been possible. I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the near future.

Until then be well and be happy...

All My Best Giant Hugs,

Deanna Lund



In tribute to Deanna Lund and the wealth of performances she gave us, we have created a new picture gallery covering her career which spanned over half a century. Feel free to browse the gallery and also to view it as a slideshow.

Deanna Lund Career Gallery Slideshow

Deanna Lund Career Slideshow


Our Valerie in Giantland

Deanna Lund - Our Valerie in Giantland

It is heartbreaking to have to write the following words and to let you know that on Friday 22nd June 2018, our dear and beautiful friend Deanna Lund passed away. Our hearts go out to all her family and friends at this very sad time. We have promised that we will help to preserve her legacy through this website and beyond and friends and fans around the world are welcome to contribute through the Irwin Allen News Network (IANN) site.

The Land of the Giants cast have all been like family for everyone who has travelled in time with them over the past 50 years. In this 50th Anniversary year of Land of the Giants, this is an even greater loss as we all try to commemorate the show which brought us this inspiring actress, Deanna Lund.

Deanna's long term fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund, run by Dr. Fred Eichelman, has prepared a special obituary in Deanna's memory.

Deanna Lund Obituary

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You are welcome to share your tributes here. Please send using the IANN Contact Page. Further tributes can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

Gary P. Rose

Words just cannot express how sad I am to hear the news of Deanna's passing. She was always someone who held a special place in my heart. I'm truly heartbroken. Please pass on my condolences to her family and friends.

Oliver James Dale

I first saw LOTG when it was re run on Channel 4 over here in the UK during the early 1990's when I was only 8 or 9. I loved the series the moment I first saw it and I instantly fell in love with Valerie Ames Scott and Deanna Lund.

Even in the show's most tense moments she could still bring a touch of glamour and humanity.

Deanna was my first TV crush (I am sure I am not alone in that), her beauty, sense of fun and dignity has made a lasting impression on me over these past nearly thirty years.

RIP beautiful Deanna. Thank you for Valerie and thank you for being you.

Ray Clarke Sr.

I am saddened at the loss of Land of the Giants- Deanna Lund. She was one of a kind and loved by many fans. It is truly our loss- but she lives on in our hearts and memories!


The following interview took place on 2nd October 2016 during the RoVaCon reunion convention.



Novel written by Deanna Lund and Dr. F.R. Eichelman

Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary

Deanna Lund's fan organisation Friends of Deanna Lund has just updated her 1992 novel Valerie in Giantland: Valerie Ames Scott's Diary as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Land of the Giants. The revised book features a new colour cover and an epilogue chapter. Copies are available through Friends of Deanna Lund at signings and through Amazon (#ad).


Deanna Lund is being interviewed on "Cult Radio A-Go-Go! Live" ; a.k.a CRAGG Live at 7pm PST, Saturday 20th February 2016.


Deanna Lund and John Williams at Lincoln party

Deanna Lund recently met up with composer John Williams at a party for the new movie Lincoln for which John has composed the music. Nearly half a century ago, John Williams composed themes for several Irwin Allen productions including Land of the Giants. Deanna and Carol have kindly sent this beautiful photograph for us to share with you.


The Land of the Giants Cast at Hollywood Show Vegas in November 2011

The cast of Land of the Giants attended The Hollywood Show Vegas autograph show on Saturday 19th November 2011. Attending the autograph show were series stars Gary Conway, Deanna Lund, Don Marshall, Don Matheson, Heather Young, and Stefan Arngrim together with guest star Celeste Yarnall.

Deanna Lund and Don Matheson in Land of the Giants




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