Deanna Lund

Play it again Sam
The Crucible (as Abigail)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The Solid Gold Cadillac
Bus Stop (as Cherie)
Take her, She's mine
A Streetcar Named Desire (as Blanche DuBois)

Florida Weather News Show (Weather Girl) 1962-64
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre 'A Time to Love' (as Doris) 1965
Amos Burke: Secret Agent 'Peace is a Real Gasser' (as Brigadier General Corning's Secretary) 1965
Danny Kaye Show
Red Skelton Show
Road West 'Ashes and Tallows and One True Love' 1966
The Loner 'The Trial in Paradise' (as Susan Dichter) 1966
Laredo 'The Sweet Gang' (as Cherry) 1966
Smothers Brothers Show 'I'd Rather Fight than Switch' 1966
I Love a Mystery (TVM, as Hope) 1966
Captain Nice 'May I Have the Last Dance' (as Louise, a fur thief) 1967
T.H.E. Cat 'Design for Death' (as Sandy Lawrence) 1967
Batman 'Batman's Anniversary, A Riddling Controversy' (as Annagram) 1967
Land of the Giants (51 episodes, as Valerie Ames Scott) 1968-70
Stump the Stars (co-produced this game show) 1969-70
Love American Style 'Love and the First Kiss' (as a cavegirl) 1972
Search 'The Adonis File' (as Linda Harte) 1972
General Hospital (as Peggy Lowell) 1975-76
Revenge for a Rape (TVM, as Raleigh) 1976
The Incredible Hulk 'Of Guilt, Models and Murder' (as Terri Ann) 1978
The Mike Douglas Show
The Waltons 'The Prophesy' (as an old school friend of John Walton's - at a school reunion) 1978
Secret Life of T.K. Dearing (TVM)
Hanging by a Thread (TVM, as Mrs. Martin, Produced by Irwin Allen) 1979
The Bob Hope Christmas Special
Remington Steel
Mary Tyler Moore Show
One Life to Live (as Virginia Keyser) 1980-81
The Judge 'Daddy's little Girl' (as Lola Kitridge) 1986
Divorce Court (as Virginia Rose) 1987
Superior Court 'Case 87-3814' (as Devon Varner) 1987
Good Morning, New York (talk show, as co-host)
Right to Reply (as self, Channel Four Television, U.K.) 1990
Red Wind (TVM, as Lt. Jane Beckum) 1991
Obsessed (TVM, as Kathryn) 1992
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (as self) 1995
American Journal 1996
Leeza (as self) 1996
Foxxx David (as Donna) 2017

Sting of Death (as Jessica) 1964
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (as Android Number 8) 1965
Once Upon a Coffee House (as Corrine) 1965
Spinout (as a member of the audience listening to Elvis Presley) 1966
Paradise Hawaiian Style (as a nurse) 1966
Dimension Five (as Miss Sweet) 1966
The Swinger (with Ann-Margaret) 1966
The Oscar (as Girl in Bikini) 1966
The American Wife 1966
Run for your Wife 1966
Johnny Tiger (as Louise, with Robert Taylor) 1966
Out of Sight (as Tuff Bod) 1966
Tony Rome (as Georgia McKay, with Frank Sinatra) 1967
Panic in the City (as Blond) 1967
Hammer Head 1968
Hustle (with Burt Reynolds) 1975
Hardly Working (as Millie) 1981
Stick (as Diane) 1985
Transylvania Twist (as Teacher) 1989
Elves (as Kirsten's Mother) 1986
The Girl I Want (as Mrs Andrews)
If We Knew Then 1989
Girl Talk (as Dana Frost, with Linden Chiles as her husband Hal) 1990
Witch Story 1990
Naked Force (as Marissa, aka Roots of Evil with Brinke Stevens) 1990
Extreme Honor (as Martha Brascoe) 2001
Boned (as Faye) 2015